أفخم الأنواع العالمية من

أصناف القهوة


قاع فنجان قهوة العرّاب يروي لك حكايتنا التي بدأت من شجرة البن الأولى المميزة بحباتها الفاخرة و مذاقها الرائع

heritage, its care during growing and processing. It includes the people who touch the farm and influence its quality.

القهوة القهوة
الشوكولا والحلويات
Roasted Nuts

عن العرّاب

We specially create and mix our own coffee with passion, the chocolates and sweet delights with the lovely arrangement of flowers that is fabulously good for a gift. Also a different  kinds and flavor of roasted nuts is a great treat.

100% Natural Coffee

It’s not just a natural coffee, it is packed with care, not only to give great taste, but to have a wonderful taste experience that you will enjoy most.

التوصيل المجاني

”Delivery is free of charge” within the vicinity of the Pearl Qatar and for a minimum purchase of 300 QAR free delivery anywhere in Doha.

High Quality Product

We know exactly what you expect, we are part of it and that is our mission to deliver.

لمذا تختارون العرّاب

منتجات القهوة

We select and make the best quality of coffee that will surely amaze you.

اصناف الشوكلا

Not just the best chocolates we offer but the unforgettable taste that you will search for more.

الحلويات المفضلة

Raha and marzipan, not only sweets but one of the most traditional delicacies that we make unique.

الأزهار الطبيعية

Different designs, arrangement and bouquet of fresh flowers we offer, that you will surely appreciate the majestic beauty of nature.


مدينا سنترال الدوحة قطر
البناء ٥ محل رقم ٣٩ 
+974 4001 3003
+974 7733 9990


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