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Ghraybeh 750g

Ghraybeh 750g


Ghraybeh is a shortbread cookie topped with pistachio that so soft and delicious it melts in your mouth at first bite, it’s irresistibly delicious.

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Ghraybeh from Syria, is an ancient Arabic dessert the recipe of which may have slightly been altered from time to time, however, it remains with an unforgettable flavor from childhood for those who grew up in the Levant. Ghraybeh is a type of cookies famous all over the region. To make Ghraybeh, the dough is first prepared by mixing flour, butter ghee, powder sugar, and a hint of vanilla. Small pieces of dough are then cut and rolled by hand to form circular shapes. Whole pistachio pieces are added for garnish, and the dough is baked.


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